Posted by: Modern Mom | September 15, 2011

The Mother’s Curse

You know the one. When you’re little and doing something you shouldn’t and your mother says, “I hope you have one just like you someday!” Well my son is living proof that it is powerful, unexplainable magic. My mother cursed me, and I knew that I was in for it. But what I didn’t see coming was my husband’s curse and how I’d pay the price for his childhood buffoonery.

My oldest son, now 3, is both my husband and I wrapped into one crazy little package. I’ve discovered that the reasons he and I butt heads trace to the traits in myself that I am least fond of, and see in him. And the same can be said for certain traits in my husband. The constant need for answers, for example. And not just any answers, but the difficult answers about the inner workings of machinery or the process of evaporation. Things a 3 year old just shouldn’t be thinking about. Simple answers don’t satisfy this boy, and you’d better be prepared to answer any zinger at any time.  Now, sometimes it’s very endearing, but after 20 minutes of barraging technical questions at me from the back seat of the car in heavy traffic, I’ve reached my limit. Mommy just doesn’t think that fast most days.

He’s a ball of kinetic energy, bouncing off every surface all day long. I’m sure that doesn’t come from me. There’s moments where I feel like his head may spin off his shoulders. The boy just can’t sit still, and he admits it. I’ll say to him, “settle down and sit still.” His response is a very earnest, “I can’t!” I really do think that sometimes the boy just gets overwhelmed with energy and excitement and can’t contain himself.

There are things that I’m certain aren’t genetic, so they must come from the mother’s curse. He is exceptionally mechanically inclined. My husband gave him a lawnmower motor to keep him busy one day, and the boy sat with it for hours disassembling it and telling me about every part and piece he removed. Thank God his father understands him, because some days I feel like he’s a whole different animal and I’m just the scientist observing from a distance. Maybe that’s why my husband and I hooked up in the first place, opposites attract.

So, if the mother’s curse works, and I’m a believer, I’ve got my work cut out for me in the coming years. But I also know this to be true, that he is one amazing little dude and a great blend of his parents’ traits. I hope we serve him well, and I hope he has one just like him someday!


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