Posted by: Modern Mom | September 16, 2011

A Girl Can Never Have too Many Dresses

I’m not a girly girl, but I play one on occasion. I’m more of a jeans and T-shirt girl. Maybe that’s why the Lord blessed me with two boys. I’ve always admired those women who seem to have it all together in the clothing department. I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t come easily to me to put outfits together with accessories, shoes, and purses. Let’s face it, I’m no fashionista. Now that I have business functions to attend, I spend more time and effort on this department.

Therein lies my dilemma. Next week I’m headed to my company convention in San Francisco and Rodan + Fields does everything in high style. There will be training sessions that are more business casual – which I feel like I’ve mastered now – but there will also be cocktail parties and awards galas and dance parties. I love the idea, but I’ve been stressing for weeks about what to wear. Sick, I know.

I have chosen a slew of dresses for all these occasions, but am having trouble deciding which to take. The girly girl buried deep inside is screaming, “Take them all!” But the practical, more audible part of me is thinking, “Do I really need them all?” I know, I know, you’re all thinking, “What’s the problem?”

The problem is not necessarily the dresses, but the shoes that go with them. I’ve managed to be completely impractical and choose 5 dresses that each have different shoe requirements. Even though I’m not a girlie girl, I must admit I have a little bit of an Imelda Marcos complex – I adore shoes. For a practical T-shirt and jeans sort of girl, I have a ridiculous amount of shoes. That makes packing for a convention a little difficult. Comfort and style for daily sessions, sassy heels for cocktail parties, comfortable heels (as if) for the dance party, and something spectacular for the awards gala. That doesn’t even include the tennis shoes for the charity walk.

I think I’ll just give in and bring an extra suitcase for the shoes because I can see this is a losing battle for me and my Imelda Marcos complex. Yes, Mr. TSA agent, that suitcase contains only shoes. What’s the problem?

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