Posted by: Modern Mom | September 19, 2011

We Never Talk Anymore

Have we become so connected that we’re now disconnected? This has been a soapbox I’ve stepped up on for years, but it was blatantly apparent to me today. I have been trying to hold a conversation with someone I’ve never met, trying to arrange a meeting, for over a month. A conversation that would have taken only moments on the phone. But to my dismay, this person would not relinquish her phone number to solve that simple issue. Mine, on the other hand, was in every single email I’d ever sent her. Still, never a call.

Then today, after weeks of back and forth emailing to arrange a meeting, I showed up to our arranged meeting place only to find it leveled. Yes, only construction equipment sat where the coffee shop once stood. To make matters worse, I had no idea what she drives or what she looks like, and had no phone number for her. A dilemma indeed.

Now, if I had a smart phone, perhaps I could have sent her an email in hopes she’d get it on her phone. But I have not personally joined the smart phone revolution and there are several reasons for that. Stubbornness, perhaps, being the leading reason. But also because it seems the more connected we get to the devices we use, the more dependent we become on them, and the more disconnected we become from our fellow man. What happened to the days when humans interacted in person? Remember the bygone days when phones had cords, and you spent hours talking to your friends while tangling yourself up in the extended phone cord? I miss that. Simple human interaction is a thing of the past.

We’re so petrified by the fear of confrontation that we literally avoid speaking to one another all together. We screen phone calls, emails, messages, texts. It’s all so impersonal. What’s so wrong with picking up the phone, saying “hello” and actually be surprised by who is on the other end? There are some people (and I’m not naming names) who I feel I have a better relationship with their voice-mail than with them. If they ever picked up the phone, I’d be so stunned I’m not sure I’d know how to respond.

I often wonder what would happen if everything should shut down. No cell phones, no internet, no television. Would we all wander into the streets, blinded by the sunlight, and be forced to actually talk to each other? Perish the thought.



  1. You don’t have a smart phone?!? 😉


  2. Nope. I have a dumb phone. 🙂


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