Posted by: Modern Mom | September 20, 2011

When are You Leaving?

The family schedule can get pretty hairy around here. My husband travels for work, and almost always on short notice. I have a business to run and appointments to keep. Add two busy kiddos with play dates and play groups and things start to fill up.

I’ve found myself standing in the kitchen with my husband, calendar in hand, holding a strategy meeting. Planning who will take the kids this day, this evening, this time. When does your flight get in? I have an appointment that day, maybe I can move it. What do you have for the third week in October? I’d like to do a weekend thing, can you take the kids?

It has always been this way with us. We’re two very independent, social, and busy people. It’s just that before kids, we just did what needed to be done. We didn’t have to coordinate anything but our time together. Now, we plan everything and sometimes coordinating schedules for the entire family can be a nightmare. It’s also hard on us because sometimes we can feel like two ships passing in the night.

Something that helped us is setting a date every week. Some weeks are very hard, but prioritizing that time is a must. If the two of us don’t work, the family doesn’t work. So our time together is invaluable. Being as busy as we are, scheduling that time together is essential.

Having a hard copy calendar has helped me immensely. Everything is in there, from my coffee dates, meetings, training sessions, and phone calls to my kids’ doctor appointments and Monday morning play group and my husband’s hunting trip. And for Marc it’s keeping a copy on his phone that has kept us synced up. No it’s not easy, but it’s the modern family’s way of life and we’re adapting. Just wait til our kids get into school and extracurricular activities. Whew. The modern mom’s balancing act is a deft one.


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