Posted by: Modern Mom | October 1, 2011

A San Fran Birthday Celebration

It’s not every year that you turn 29, unless you’re a woman over 30. This year it was my brother Matt’s turn, and we happened to be in San Francisco for our annual Rodan + Fields Dermatologists convention, so we did it up in style.

Our morning started with a ride on the Powell/Hyde Trolley past the famous Lombard Avenue, down to the end of the line, where it dropped us in front of the famous Buena Vista Club, known for their amazing Irish Coffees and breakfast. The 6 of us enjoyed 15, yes 15, Irish coffees and a wonderful breakfast.

It was the start of a fabulous day. We spent the afternoon in some super-charged training sessions having a blast with our co-workers. We walked through Union Square back to the Hilton and got changed for dinner. We met our group of 8 and headed out to a ritzy authentic Italian 3-course dinner. Followed up by drinks and Karaoke (oh dear). Lots of laughs, great company, and a great 29th birthday celebration for Matt. I feel so lucky to have been able to celebrate with him in a beautiful city with our fantastic company and team members.



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