Posted by: Modern Mom | October 3, 2011

No Sun, No Problem? Not Necessarily…

The days are getting shorter and the sun is making fewer appearances from behind her veil of clouds. You may be packing up all the fun summer toys, the wading pool, the bikes. The bathing suits may have made it to the bottom of the drawer by now. Caution: don’t put away that sunscreen! Just because it’s not sunny out, doesn’t mean it’s safe to go without sunscreen.

I live in the cloudiest place in the United States, Portland, Oregon. Here in the Pacific Northwest we only see the sun a few months out of the year. However, we have the highest incidence of skin cancer. How can that be? The reason lies in those overcast days. We go about our business during the Fall, Winter and Spring without thinking about sun damage because we don’t see much of the sun itself. But the harmful UVA rays see us, whether the sun is “out” or not.

UVA rays are the harmful, aging rays that cause sun spots, freckles, and skin cancer as well as aging effects on our faces and hands. They are the most dangerous because they are tricky little buggers, sneaking in through that thick cloud cover and bombarding us unawares. The FDA has just upped the ante for sunscreens demanding that all sunscreens be “broad spectrum”, meaning they block both the burning UVB rays as well as the cancer-causing UVA rays. With this recent change in standards, companies are racing to catch up. Rodan + Fields is already ahead of the curve. Every sunscreen product we offer is broad-spectrum, blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

Here are my suggestions for the Fall and Winter months to help protect you from those harmful hidden rays.

– Find a lightweight daily sunscreen with broad-spectrum technology for your face. The rest of you will probably be covered anyway.

– Don’t forget to protect your hands from the elements as well. Our brand new Anti-Age Hand Regimen is a great option.

– Wear sunglasses to keep from squinting and causing those pesky crows feet to deepen.

If you are in need of a broad-spectrum, lightweight protection option, I suggest trying one of our many choices. Visit the Solution Tool to find out what’s best for your skin type: HERE


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