Posted by: Modern Mom | October 11, 2011

A Kid’s Best Friend

I went to the Humane Society that day in search of my missing cat with less than high hopes. My cat had disappeared while I was on my honeymoon over a month before. It wasn’t the first time I’d lost a cat at this house. The area is riddled with coyotes. I never suspected that I’d find another love to replace him so quickly. I also didn’t expect, since I didn’t have kids at the time, that this new love would become such a dear friend to my future boys. When I discovered that the cat I had been called in about was not my missing cat, I was saddened, but I had not held out much hope in the first place. The nice volunteer that helped me asked if I was in the market for a new cat. So I took a deep breath and I told her my order;

2 adult cats, both male, large, indoor/outdoor cats, good with dogs, loving, fixed, with claws, short haired, and they had to get along with each other.

Boy I thought I had her stumped with my tall order. I thought she’d never find two…. Oh, you have just the cats? REALLY??

Imagine my surprise. So she put me in a visiting room and I waited to meet these perfect cats. She brought them in and I instantly fell in love. The two had been rescued from a farm seizure situation. They suspected they were brothers. With the overflow of cats from this particular seizure, these two had been living happily in a kennel in the dog area. Check and check. They were absolutely adorable. One came to me instantly and began loving on me with the most intense purr I’ve ever heard. The other was a bit more shy but I knew he’d warm up.

I brought them home that day, hoping that my new hubby, who was out of town, would not object. The first one I named Buck, the second Ollie. The largest of the two, weighing in at 18 lbs, was a gray and white American Shorthair. That was Buck. He was a bear of a cat and such a lover. He gave me such comfort and companionship and I fell completely in love with him.

It wasn’t until a couple years later that I realized what a gem I had found. My first born came home and we were of course careful with him around the cats. Ollie wanted nothing to do with the new addition, but Buck just saw him as another set of hands for loving. As Wyatt grew he and Buck played more, the abuse that cat would take was beyond reason. Things no cat in their right mind would take. I witnessed my son pull handfuls of fur and even whiskers off that cat. Buck just tolerated it with infinite patience and that endearing loud purr the whole time.

When Wyatt started walking, and running, the play got rougher and I saw that kid take down the cat in full body tackles, wrestle him to the ground, smother him with blankets. With instant fear that he was in for certain clawing and biting I’d jump to scoop him up, but again Buck just tolerated it all with that never ending purr. He still follows Wyatt around like he’s his puppy. Everywhere we go Buck is sure to follow. His attitude with our second child who is only 17 months is the same tolerant, loving attitude he displayed with Wyatt at that age.

As I sit here typing, I can hear his purr in the other room (it’s that loud) mixed with the giggles and squeals of the boys. I know that they are safe from his claws and his teeth, and that he is loving every moment of affection they pour on him, no matter what they do to him. I couldn’t have ordered a better cat for these boys. He acts more like a dog than a cat, and sometimes I wonder if he might just think he is a dog. In any case, I hope he’s around for a long long while, because we’ll never be able to replace this one.



  1. I love Buck and Ollie too. .. . . . . . .Grandma J


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