Posted by: Modern Mom | October 17, 2011

Busy Day at Bi-Zi Farms

Over the weekend we made some family memories at the local Bi-Zi Farms pumpkin patch. It’s a great place for the kiddos because not only is there a tractor-pulled hay ride to the pumpkin patch, but there’s a hay bale maze, a hay bale pyramid, pedal tractors to ride, a corn pit to play in, a petting zoo, pony rides, and pumpkin launching. Fun for the whole family.

The first time we took Wyatt to this pumpkin patch he was only 5 months old. We enjoyed it, but it definitely was not what I was expecting. I had visions of a smiling baby nestled in the pumpkins. What I got instead was a look that has come to be known as, “The Glum Little Pumpkin”. The whole time. Nothing got him excited. So, I haven’t been back for 2 years.

The Glum Little Pumpkin, October 2008

This year my sister-in-law invited us for her son’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. And, this year was different. Wyatt is 3 and Weston is 17 months. We did everything. We started with the pedal tractors, then the maze and the animals. Then the ride out to the pumpkin patch. The boys were elated. We each picked out pumpkins, and got back on the trailer to ride back. Then we washed our pumpkins and got in line for the pony rides. After pony rides we launched pumpkins. I think the “big boys” were the most excited about this event. All the time standing in line they were strategizing. F=MA. Oh dear, out comes the engineer… That’s a whole other blog post.

All in all, we had a blast, every one of us. And no more Glum Little Pumpkins for us!



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