Posted by: Modern Mom | October 25, 2011

Camp Fire Cherry Pie

When I was a kid, camping with my family, my mom used to make this warm delicious camp fire dessert. She had a special pie maker for the fire that would cook up the perfect after dinner treat. It was a camp fire cherry pie. Cherry pie is my favorite kind of pie, and having it made in a single serving just for me was something really special. I watched her do it and I knew the tricks. Lots of butter, the perfect size bread and heaping spoonfuls of cherry pie filling.

I tried to recreate the recipe again on our maiden voyage of the exact camper I grew up with, and the exact pie-maker. I couldn’t wait to see if I was as good at it. I bought some square-shaped bread for the square-shaped pie maker. Franz whole grain white. It turned out to be the best bread for the job. I slathered it in butter on the outside and laid a piece in the pie-maker. I liberally added the pie filling then placed another buttery piece of bread on top. Carefully fold up the pie-maker so that the bread pinches out all the sides. This is key, by the way. It causes the bread to cook together and seal in the good stuff in the middle, like a good crust should.

I plopped my pie-maker in the hot coals and gave it a few minutes. I have to admit I was impatient. My sweet tooth was singing by this point. I pulled out the pie and carefully opened to check it’s progress. Burnt. To a crisp. Dang. Never mind, I had a whole loaf of bread and more pie filling. I would not be discouraged from my goal. I started over. This time I was more careful. I kept it back from the coals, and even held it to toast it over the flames a bit.

My patience paid off! I had before me the beautifully toasty pocket of warm, gooey cherry pie I desired. My greedy mouth got a little burned when I first dove in, but no matter, it tasted divine. It turns out that the Franz whole grain white is the absolute replica of a pie crust flavor. Score! I made two, and shamelessly ate them both. Ahh…. fond memories.


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