Posted by: Modern Mom | November 9, 2011

A Family Affair

Isn’t it great when a project comes together almost serendipitously? We had a line of cedar trees that were in various stages of death in front of our house. They had gotten overgrown, and under-watered over the years. Several had grown so close together that they’d become one trunk at one point. Needless to say, they had to go. They’ve been staring at us for a while, mocking our lack of time and ambition.

This weekend, as luck would have it, the weather was beautiful, my hubby got a wild hair, and we had some extra hands around the house. It was the perfect combination for a great weekend project. My parents and my brother were all visiting so we finally had a hand with kid supervision so that we could both put in effort on a project. Plus, we had the added bonus of extra help.

Marc busted out the old “Yoter” (a 30+ year old Toyota pickup that has so many miscellaneous parts on it I’ve started fondly referring to it as “Frankentruck”.) and got right down to business. The first day, since he only had me and my mother to help, and two toddlers to contend with, he got two trees on the ground, cut up, and cleaned up. Pretty fair.

Sunday was the fun one. When they say many hands make light work, there’s a very good reason. Marc got 4 more trees down that day, as well as wiping out a couple of old stumps. All the trees were cut down to logs, hauled away and stacked, and the branches and fodder cleaned up slick as a whistle.

The kids spent most of their day outside right in the action. It was so cute how involved they were all day long. Weston (18 months) grabbed his tiny rake and raked up piles right along side the big guys. Wyatt (3 1/2) loaded up his wagon and took logs to the shed, then stacked them! He did that at least three times while I was out with them. They both helped pick up branches and debris, helped daddy drive the pickup to the burn pile, and enjoyed every minute of it. They were a couple of tuckered out boys by the end of the day. And filthy! But so happy.

It was a unique and enjoyable bonding day for all of us. The best part was we all got to come inside to have Nana’s homemade Linguine Bolonese. Not a scrap of evidence of the mess outside, or the dinner either. What a great day!


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