Posted by: Modern Mom | December 23, 2011

Silly Headgear Required


A Christmas tradition I cherish is the annual Christmas Eve light-seeing. Every Christmas Eve we fill our travel mugs with egg nog, load up the ol’ family sleigh and head out into the winter wonderland to see all the lights. The catch about this annual event is that we all must be wearing silly, festive headgear. If it blinks, flashes, sings, and attracts attention, all the better.

I have so many fond memories of light-seeing in Bozeman, Montana growing up. The house we fondly referred to as “the power company house” was always one of the route highlights. It was probably the tiniest house in Bozeman, but it was lit up like the house in Christmas Vacation. We always imagined their electric meter spinning at lightning speed.

Another favorite was the red house on 11th (if you’re from Bozeman you know the one). They always had a custom-built animated display. Some of my favorites through the years were Santa’s Workshop, the enchanted carousel for the elves, and the gingerbread house with Mrs. Santa popping in and out of the front door.

In Bozeman we’d bundle up, haul blankets to the car, and head out into the white cold of winter, egg nog in hand. Here in the Pacific Northwest, however, we have changed it up to include rain gear. It’s still the same routine. Everyone chooses their best silly headgear, their travel mug, and bundles up to head out to the sleigh. We always take a photo before we head out. Here’s a few from the past few years.




What are some of your favorite Christmas or holiday traditions?

Merry Christmas!


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