Posted by: Modern Mom | December 26, 2011

Santa Doesn’t Know Everything

Ah, the fickle whimsy of the three-and-a-half-year-old. Two months ago my oldest son and I were in a pet store. Out of reminiscing I was observing all the fish and taking stock of all the new fish tank accessories that would have cost me a fortune back in the day. Cool stuff. Like castles of all sizes, skulls, fake ancient pottery, and elaborate ruins scenes. He was also admiring all the fish and the amazing little housing options and hiding places they had to choose from. It was here he told me that he wanted a pet fish. I was elated. I love fish.

He had eluded to this before, but I now had the opportunity to have a conversation with him about it. I asked him if he would feed it every day. I told him the “fish house” would need to be cleaned. I explained that there was a responsibility involved and asked if he was willing to take care of a pet fish, or several. He was, indeed, he assured me. So I ran it by my husband. We agreed that, because of my extensive background raising and breeding tropical fish, it was probably a good option. At least we figured, with my help, he’d probably be able to keep some fish alive a while.

So, for the next month I listened for more cues about fish. He asked me several times to go back to the pet store to look at the fish. A good sign that Santa was on the right track. He even went so far as to tell me he was going to ask Santa to bring him a fish, and a fish house, some fish food, and a little castle for the fish to hide in. Score! That was what Santa would bring for him. Done, and done.

Well, fast forward another month. He seems to have forgotten about the fish, yet we have a very large expensive fish tank in the shop, and my husband has built a lovely custom tank stand for said tank. I think at this point, I’m more excited than he is about getting a fish. Much to my dismay, this is the conversation that randomly transpired the other day;

Wy: I really want a pet rabbit.
Me: (Thinking, crap, I thought he wanted a fish.) Really? Bunnies are stinky and they can’t live in the house with us. I thought you wanted a pet fish?
Wy: No. I really want a stinky bunny. Maybe he could live outside and be stinky out there and run around in the grass.
Me: Well honey, we have coyotes and hawks that love to eat bunnies.
Wy: They wouldn’t want this bunny. He’s too stinky.

Once again I’m outwitted by my three-year-old. Crap. Well, I guess Santa doesn’t know everything, and there’s no hope of him keeping up with the changing whims of three-year-olds.

The important thing is, Wyatt got his fish tank from Santa and has apparently forgotten all about his stinky bunny… for now.


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