Posted by: Modern Mom | January 12, 2012

Feeding Boys: aka My Weight Loss Plan

My boys are good eaters. Great, in fact. So good, actually, that I dropped my pregnancy weight in record time. How are the two related, you ask? Good question. You see, I can never seem to make enough food to go around. They have begun eating like small human garbage disposals so quickly that I can’t seem to compensate fast enough.

I started noticing it in the morning. The baby would wake up before the rooster crowed, and I would drag myself out of bed. The first thing he wanted, when he started forming opinions about what he wanted, was a banana. Done. Still to this day he asks for a banana the second I pull him out of bed. Then, it was my job to feed him a bowl of oatmeal with raisins shortly after this, and before his brother graced us with his presence.

Once my oldest woke, it was time for scrambled eggs and yogurt. For both of them. This is still before the rooster crows and before any other human in their right mind is awake. Here is where I noticed my food preparation deficiency. I started by making four eggs for the three of us. I would serve the boys each about a third of what I ended up with, and I would take the other third. By the time I sat down at my plate the baby had demolished his eggs and was pointing vigorously at mine. OK, a few more bites for the baby. Then, before I’d had any eggs, my oldest would be done and asking for more eggs. I of course would oblige, only to turn and see the baby pointing and nodding again. Sigh. Here’s the rest of my eggs, kid.

The yogurt would go as fast or faster and they’d have two bowls a piece before I cut them off. One can overdo it with yogurt. This early morning feasting trend continued and became known as “first breakfast” (banana and oatmeal) and “second breakfast” (eggs and yogurt). My husband would rise on the weekends and inquire if the kids had had “second breakfast” yet. Whether or not they had, they would still eat the eggs, meat and potatoes that he would cook up at that point.

Why don’t I just cook more eggs, you ask? Ah. If only it were so simple. I have consistently increased the amount of breakfast food I cook. When I do eggs now I cook seven for the kids and hope that I might get a bite or two. I have also added toast to the breakfast smorgasbord. This morning I didn’t even get to eat my toast. Apparently I neglect my food and my boys are only doing the food justice.

I once had a checkout clerk ask me, as I came through the checkout with five dozen eggs and two gallons of milk, “doing a lot of baking?” I was confused for a split second til I noticed what she had noticed. “No,” I replied, “I have two boys and a husband.” She looked confused. Obviously she didn’t have kids, but I didn’t feel the need to explain any more. Now I buy that stuff at Costco. There’s no judgment there. I can buy a trough of mayonnaise and not get a second glance. I digress.

Dinner time is no different. If we have anything good like squash, rice, beans, broccoli, etc. (My boys are very good eaters, and I’m not complaining a bit, mind you.) my plate is raided of it contents practically before I sit to eat it. Sometimes I think they are equipped with vacuum nozzles instead of mouths. There are times when I pause to check the baby and make sure he’s not just stashing the food somewhere in his highchair. He’s not.

When people tell me how great I look having just had a baby and ask how I dropped the weight so fast, I simply say, “I have two boys,” and leave it at that.

(And thanks, by the way, to anyone who has said that and totally made my day at that given moment. You rock.)

My dinner as I served it.

What I actually get to eat.

Hey, don’t knock the artistic renderings. I worked hard on those.



  1. I’ve heard from folks that they are having trouble leaving comments. I’m very sorry, and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it’s just a WP glitch and will be fixed soon. (cuz I have no idea what to do otherwise)


  2. Hello! Thanks for the email, I’ll have to add my address to the gravetar!


    • Thanks for stopping by Mckenzie. I’d love to read your blog, too.


  3. Trying again without the facebook login thing…except I lose my cute chicken avatar this way. πŸ˜‰
    It’s too bad Ru doesn’t live in your house. Then they could just eat off her plate. I seriously have no clue how this girl stays in the 99th percentile on nothing but milk and three bites of steamed chicken if I’m lucky. I have to be VERY careful not to fall into the trap of eating their leftovers so they don’t go to waste. (because then they go to waist…) Hehe, one more reason I’m glad I’ve got my chickens, I don’t feel so bad about tossing all the food scraps to them. You need chickens, too! πŸ˜‰


    • You crack me up. Yes… i do believe chickens are in the near future for us. I may just finally give in. When I think of all the hormone nastiness in the eggs we get… *shudder*


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