Posted by: Modern Mom | January 18, 2012

The Play Date Entrepreneur

I get asked all the time, “How do you fit it all in?” Meaning, how do you run a home business, and still have all this family time? My life is one big play date. It’s kinda cool, really. My kids get tons of interaction and socialization, and I’m getting business done with other business mamas. I definitely keep busy, but the beauty of it is that I do what I want, when I want, around my family’s schedule.

My business works into almost everything I do. So, when I’m scheduling business appointments with other mamas we work around nap schedules, and we get together for play dates. That gives us the opportunity to talk business with the freedom of not having to plan childcare. That works for training my local team as well. It’s all about the play date, or play group. This business was designed with the stay-at-home mom in mind, in my opinion. It just plain works.

People who look at starting a business on my team always have concerns about time. What I have found is that, if your why is big enough, the how will always work itself out. For example, how much television do you watch every day? Can you take one hour a day out of that time? Or, if you’re on the internet in the evening already, why not do some business? There’s always some wiggle room if you want it.

So my average week is about 10-15 hours spread out over the week. During the week I take the hour to hour-and-a-half that the kids nap and I make calls, or work on team and customer emails (5-8 hours a week total). On Wednesday mornings I train my Portland sales force (2 hours). I get on training calls Sunday and Monday nights (2 hours). Play dates and appointments (2 hours). And there it is, my 10-15 hours a week.

I do all of that around my kids’ schedules, during naps, after bedtime, or with kids in tow. Even if I was working a 40-hour a week job on top of it, my lunch hour would be a chance to make a few calls, and post bedtime would be my time for emailing, calling, and follow up. In either case, it’s all up to me and I don’t punch a time clock.

It’s an ideal fit for me. I don’t have to leave my kids, and they get the benefit of having dedicated care from the person who loves them and knows them best, Mom. And I get the benefit of a full-time income on my own hours. Win win.

If you’re a mom looking for a way to stay home with your littles, anywhere in the USA, let’s talk. A short conversation will help you find out if it’s a fit for your lifestyle.



  1. love the pic Amy, we need to get together soon!


    • I know! They’re so dang cute together. We do need to get together. I’ll msg you


  2. what a gift for your children to grow up WITH you, and watch you multi-task with success!


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