Posted by: Modern Mom | January 23, 2012

New Year’s Burn

Hubby and I have inherited the annual “New Year’s Burn” event. It’s something his family always did and his folks always hosted. When his folks became snowbirds and started spending winters in Mexico, we inherited the celebration and started hosting it at our house. After all, we were the ones who lived on a hill, outside city limits, with enough land where we can have a ‘small fire’ without a permit. *ahem*

So, every year we invite kith and kin over for a good ol’ fashioned, hill-folk style, pot-luck, bonfire on the hill. It’s just a low-key, no frills (and I mean NO frills), laid back celebration. Some of the young single folk come out for a bit and leave early to go into the big city and party it up big city style, like we did in the days before kids. But these days, hubby and I are happy to be home where we can put the kids to bed and spend the rest of the evening enjoying friends and family, the  adult libations, and food that I didn’t have to prepare. Yee haw! After all, who doesn’t like to stand around a blazing fire in the freezing cold rain and drink adult beverages? The only thing that would make this celebration better is a chorus of banjos.

Even though New Year’s is so three weeks ago, here are some pics of our simple celebration that has become a cherished family tradition.

Yes, that's a kiddie slide he's sitting on. Only the best for our guests.


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