Posted by: Modern Mom | January 25, 2012

No Justice, Just Quiet

When I was young I used to think my parents were so unjust. Now that I’m a parent, I get it. There’s no justice. We don’t care about justice. We want peace and quiet. How that comes about is of no concern to us.

My boys are only 23 months apart. Now that my bitty man is getting big enough to hold his own, we’re letting them duke it out, so to speak. Or at least as long as I can handle it. Which isn’t very long most days. The problem is, my youngest has developed an ear splitting scream that he knows will not only get my attention but will bring me down upon his brother like a tornado in a trailer park. It doesn’t matter the reason of the cry. No. All I want is to make it stop.

So I hear myself saying things like, “I don’t care what you did to him to make him scream like that, but whatever it was, STOP IT!” If the scream is over a toy or some other treasure of the moment, I find myself taking said item from my oldest and giving it to my youngest, simply to make the screaming stop. It doesn’t matter to me who had it first, or who’s toy it is. All I want is queit. Reasoning with the oldest after that is pointless. All I have to say for my actions is, “I’m sorry honey. Just let him have it for a few minutes and he’ll lose interest.”

He will, too. He’ll lose interest as soon as his big brother finds something else to play with.

I know my behavior is not helping, but if you heard this scream…. Well, let’s just say, you’d run for the hills. Which I can’t do, because they’re my kids and Child Protective Services might frown on me running out on my kids.

I remember being the oldest by nearly 6 years. I had a lot of time to be the only child, and when my little brother came along, there was a lot of injustice. I’d be playing with some treasure and he’d come along and take it. I’d take it back… uhh… gently. And that kid would scream. I remember making the same arguments to my parents that my oldest is makin

g to me now. “I had it first!” “It’s mine!” “I was playing with it!”

They didn’t care. They wanted peace and quiet, same as I do now. So I find myself in the reverse roll. A place I swore as a youngster that I would never be because I wasn’t going to be a horrible mean parent like mine were. Ha!

Do you ever find yourself in that reverse roll?

My “little bro” and my two little men. Handsome bunch.


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