Posted by: Modern Mom | February 20, 2012

The Price of Peace

It’s a rare occurrence that my boys play together without supervision, or mediation, and survive unscathed. When it does happen, the Heavens open up and choirs of angels sing the Hallelujah chorus. At least that’s what happens in my head. Today was one of those days. Did you hear the angels? I did.

For just about 30 minutes today the boys went upstairs and played. Together. Quietly. It was amazing. I knew better than to go up there. I was afraid I would interrupt and then it would never be the same. They’d spot me and the jig would be up. Or, I’d discover something unpleasant that would have to be stopped. I figured whatever they were destroying, it could wait. It was already destroyed and my stopping it then wouldn’t have made much difference. So I let them continue whatever it was that had them so enthralled and behaving so well.

I did a little work. I listened to a training call. I enjoyed every minute of peace, no matter the price. I so seldom get the opportunity to do my work in the morning and get a jump on my day like that. It was especially nice.

When the moment had passed and the screaming started up again, I cautiously approached the bedroom where they were playing. I reminded myself before I entered that I had promised to deal with whatever consequences arose from this time of peace. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Much to my surprise there were no major injuries. There were no blood stains, no paint spills, no marker on the walls or furniture, no water messes, no major offenses of any kind, really. There was just a minor mess. A pretty normal scale mess, in fact. I have to say I was relieved. “Not bad,” I assured myself. Not a steep price to pay for a half hour of peace, either. I wonder if it will ever happen again. Could we be turning a corner? Could I be kidding myself? We shall see…


  1. Mine are doing it more and more (altho mediation is still needed frequently, it’s less and less) One can certainly hope the same is true for yours!


    • I’m hoping it’s a trend. šŸ™‚


  2. I’m sure it’s the start of a new stage! My girls used to totally destroy things, and now they make a mess but they aren’t nearly as destructive. And they actually will clean up after they’re done!


    • So there’s hope? LOL Thanks Amy.


  3. Love it! It’s always like this here…


    • Glad to know I’m not the only one. Seems most days I just play mediator, judge, jury and sometimes hangman. Looks like today is going to be another of those. Ha! Thanks for stopping by Marie Eve.


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