Posted by: Modern Mom | March 20, 2012

Boy Parts

Today Modern Munchkin discovered the dog’s “pee pee”. I’m glad I was there when this discovery took place, because it could have gotten… ugly. Here is what happened…

Yep. He went directly for it. Which caused me to…

Poor sleeping dog wouldn’t have seen that coming. So, after we washed hands, we had to have a little discussion about what we can and cannot touch on the doggie. Now it goes more like this…

Ah. That’s better. 🙂

Have you had any awkward conversations lately?


  1. Love it – amazing how much you can say with so few words and two pictures. Reminds me of the moment I looked over to see a previous dog trying to mount the donkey. Told my husband I was making an appointment for the dog – no way I was going to try to explain that to the kids.


    • *SNORK!* hahaha. I think I would have done the same thing. “Today we’re going to the vet, buddy!”


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