Posted by: Modern Mom | March 21, 2012

What’s That Smell?

Today we played another invigorating round of my least favorite game, “What’s That Smell?” This is a game where my nose detects an odor, then we all spend the majority of the day hunting for the source of that odor. It’s my least favorite game. Did I say that already? It is.

Walking by the couch and into the kitchen my spidey senses detected something foul. I was instantly defeated by the double sniff, then lose the scent trick our olfactory senses play on us. Foiled. However, on a second pass by the same area I detected the aroma again. Modern Munchkin was sitting on the couch. I did the “butt sniff” to see if he was the culprit. He was clean. I kept on my path. Wouldn’t want to stray off course for too long or I might end up somewhere and forget why I went there.

Another pass and I was hit with it again. I checked the garbage. Could something have gone bad? I sniffed around the pantry. Then the fridge. Nada. I checked washcloths (you know how they can get funky after a day or so). Then the boys got curious.

“What are you sniffing for, mom?” asked Modern Boy.

“I smell something yucky.”

He then does the sniff test on his little brother. The informant tells me there is indeed something foul there. So we change the baby. The smell does not subside.

At this point all three of us, plus the dog, who thinks this is a fantastic game, are down on hands and knees searching for the source of the smell. The kids are wrestling with the dog, but I am on a mission. A search and destroy mission. This odor must be eliminated. (now I sound like a commercial)

It went on like this for hours. I got more and more frustrated. Then, finally, I sat. thud. Something was stuffed into the space between the cushion and the back of the couch. It was a kids cup. I took the lid off.

WHOA! Here was the source of the horrible taint. Sour milk. Well… more like cottage cheese. Who knows how long that had been there. Had one of the boys found it, sipped it, and stashed it? Who knows. I’ve had enough mysteries for one day.


  1. I was literally LOL while reading this post! I also hate that game!


    • Oh good! Occasionally somebody finds me funny. Glad to be of service. 😉


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