Posted by: Modern Mom | April 12, 2012

The Answer Man (aka: Daddy)

To preface this I must say, my husband is an engineer. We see things, and explain things, differently. Mostly because we are both experts on very different things. Perhaps that is why my oldest son, who is in the questioning stage, feels he needs to ask us both.

Modern Boy asks many questions. Many. Constantly. It’s a never-ending stream out of his mouth. Unless he’s sleeping. In which case, peace abounds in my home. Birds sing. (and I can actually hear them) He asks really brilliant questions and not-so-brilliant questions. Those are the ones I have the answers to.

He poses these questions to me first, usually, since I am the one with him all day during his opportunity for such musings. Then, when my answer is not sufficient for him, he stores it away in his brain until Modern Man gets home. My husband arrives home to an excited boy with many many questions for him. “Daddy, why is the sky blue? What makes the sun hot? How do you build a bridge? What is Helium?” and so on.

All of these questions have been asked of me already. My answers were not good enough. You see, I’m not an engineer or much of a scientist, and all of his really great questions seem to fall into those categories. My answers involve further questions and a little magic and fairy dust.

The questions I get right are things like, “Mommy, what day is it?” It’s Thursday. End of story.

Occasionally he hits a subject that I’m versed in. “Mommy, why does that horse have spots?” I’m all over that one. But most of the time it sounds more like this.

The sky is blue because if it was yellow we couldn’t see the sun. The sun is hot because it’s on fire. You build a bridge with steel and concrete. Helium is a gas. These just lead to more questions and my feeling of futility and frustration because I can’t answer them correctly, or fast enough. He’s like my high school science teacher drilling me for the answers I should have read in my text book. This time I have an out.

“Ask your father.”

What has your little one asked you lately?



  1. From my 9-year-old: how do conjoined twins end up conjoined? We had a mini cell division lesson in my home….complete with “professional Mommy” pictures! 🙂


    • LOL! That’s awesome. They do ask the most interesting things, don’t they? I have learned so much since having kids. About stuff I never really thought about…


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