Posted by: Modern Mom | April 26, 2012

Becoming A Super Hero

I know it’s been a bit since you heard from me. I’ve been busily redefining and redesigning the blog. You might notice the new tagline, “A Modern Mom’s journey to becoming a Super Hero.” I’d like to share some insight into why I chose that.

For a long time I’ve felt like there was a bigger picture for me. I felt  overwhelmed with all of the things I wanted to do and all of the people I wanted to help. I want to give back in very profound ways, but I was never sure how I would make that happen. I have a laundry list of organizations and charities I want to help and serve. I just didn’t have the time or the funds, plain and simple. It seemed it would take a miracle for me to fulfill those dreams.

My list includes charities like The Portland Rescue Mission, India Partners, The Giving Closet, Open House Ministries, The Humane Society, Gospel for Teens, and numerous others. Besides that I also wanted to give my time to my community in clean-up projects, civil projects, and outreach. For example, I want to head the charge to facilitate, design and build a totally rockin’ kids play park in my community. That would involve acquiring land, buying design services, organizing volunteer teams, fundraising and building the park. Yikes. That’s a lot of time on one project.

Then, when our nephew was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, I added another big project to my list. To build and fully fund a foundation dedicated to the research and development of a cure for Stargardt’s, and a secondary division to help children diagnosed with it. Placing seeing eye dogs with the children, and getting them the resources they need to succeed in school, in life, and in the future.

I feel pulled in so many directions and my previous solution was to do nothing, because I felt I couldn’t do enough. What I have realized is that there is a very big plan for me that I am as yet unsure of, and I am working toward it every day. Being a hero is nothing more than simply offering a helping hand to someone in need. Stooping down to help a woman whose purse has spilled all over the sidewalk. Giving a gift of housewares to a parent that is having to start over. Giving what you can of yourself, your time, your energy, your support.

What I have been shown by some of my company leaders, whom I look up to and greatly respect, is that you don’t have to start that big. Start from where you’re at. If it’s giving a few dollars a month to your church or your favorite charity, or donating your time to the middle school bake sale. If you can do more later, fantastic.

It’s been so inspiring watching my business partner these past almost 2 years. She and her husband are young and were not in a position to give a lot, but when she started this business, they started blessing one family a month. Just a little at first, but then it built from there. Now she and her husband have a foundation that helps mothers and children coming out of abusive homes, that they are fulling funding with their profits from our company.

I remember talking to her about my goals, because they are as big as hers were, and her telling me, “It can be really overwhelming to think of your big goal and realize that it’s going to take literally millions of dollars to create and fund a foundation for your cause. But if you break it down into small pieces, it’s easier to chew. You just have to start smaller, and start now.”

That was a turning point for me. I realized that my business is the vehicle to be able to accomplish my biggest goals. But, I didn’t have to just reach for that big goal and do it all at once. I could start small and start now. I can be a better mom, wife, business woman, community member, and a hero in general. That is my mission.

So, if you want to be a hero, it doesn’t have to be a big glorious effort. It can be something small that means the world to someone else. Something that seems small to you, may be very big to the person you are doing it for. I encourage you, go out there and be a hero to someone today.



  1. I’ve felt that way at times, like whatever little thing I can do now doesn’t matter “enough” (whatever that means). Especially when I was in college trying to decide what to do with my life, reading Psalms 31 over and over again trying to wrap my head around it. But then a friend pointed out that the woman in the passage probably spent her whole life accomplishing the things that she did and that it most likely didn’t happen in a day or a week, or even a year. Each little thing you do counts, especially if you’re doing it all for the Glory of God rather than the glory of yourself.


    • Agreed. I think we trouble ourselves with “what is enough” and then become paralyzed with it. The key is to not get hung up on that, and just go do and give what you can. Took me a long time to come to that. Funny that it would be a career choice that would be the catalyst to lead me to that realization.


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