Posted by: Modern Mom | May 3, 2012

While Mommy Was on the Phone: Part 2

It happens sometimes that I need to answer a call, or call someone, while my children are awake. So I was on the phone. Again. You might remember that my phone has magical powers to turn my children into monsters occasionally.

Something happened while I was on the phone. It got quiet. That’s not usually a good sign. I took a head count and discovered that Modern Munchkin was missing. He’s the silent but deadly one.

I found him in Nana’s room, sitting at the lighted mirror, with Nana’s mascara. He had already done one eye. Lovely, isn’t he?

I guess I should be thankful he didn’t poke himself in the eye, or get mascara on my grandmother’s antique chair. So, what have your little monsters done while you were on the phone?

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