Posted by: Modern Mom | May 5, 2012

A Pooh Picnic Party

Modern Munchkin turned two on the 5th. These are some shots from his Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party. It was supposed to be an outdoor picnic, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate. Still, I think things turned out well.

My “honey pots” cupcakes. I baked a sheet cake and cut it up, stuffed it into little jelly jars and topped with buttercream icing to look like honey pots. The bees are dyed and sugared marshmallows (home made “peeps”) with chocolate chips for heads, pressed marshmallow wings, and an iced stripe. So cute! The bowl is filled with spun honey, also known as “sea foam”.

Classic Winnie the Pooh sitting with his honey pot, the birthday boy’s honey pot.

I used planting pots as serving dishes to look like honey pots.

Happy boys with their cupcakes! Happy Birthday, Munchkin Man!

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