Posted by: Modern Mom | May 22, 2012

Drama Kings

When I had boys I really believed that my personal level of drama would be minimal. We all know the drama girls bring, right? From the little girl owies, temper tantrums, bossiness and sensitivity, to the teenagers raging hormones, I was thanking my lucky stars that I escaped it. Little did I know, God has a sense of humor.

Now, with boys being newly 2 and almost 4, the drama level seems to have increased substantially. I am seeing fits that would rival the very best displays any little girl (or big girl) could muster. Screaming, stomping, throwing things, growling (yes, growling), yelling, crying, flailing, kicking fits. It’s the full package.

Then, post fit, I have to deal with the pout. And my oldest is the master. He has the lips for it, too. The lip extension is truly commendable. I must admit, I’d kill for those lips. But the pouting, not so much. And the emphatic arm crossing with the very audible “humph!”. Where do they learn this stuff? Seriously. I never act like that. At least not in public.

My youngest just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. The party I threw must have cued something in him to start ramping up the “terrible twos” because it’s like a light switch turned on. Anything and everything sets him off. He stomps his foot at me and tells me no. To just about everything I say. And the fits. Oh, the fits.

“Mommy. Sammich. Please?” (He talks like that. Carefully separating every word. We find it hilarious. He’s like a tiny foreign exchange student.)

“OK. Mommy will make you a sandwich.” To my utter shock and amazement, this is not the response he was looking for. He stomps his foot and yells “NO!” then throws himself on the ground in a very dramatic, 1940s-leading-lady kind of style. He proceeds to cry and scream and roll around, flailing wildly. I am completely at my wits end trying to figure out exactly where I went wrong. Most of the time I leave him to his fit and pay no attention.

Side note: I can imagine this might be how men feel in their interactions with women. Occasionally. Just the confusion part. I dunno. I’m not a guy. And my brain hurts from all the drama.

They both run hot and cold and I never really know from one moment to the next where we all stand. So, daily I battle these mood swings that change at the speed of light. I comfort, I ignore, I scold, I attempt to understand. I never know what will trigger one, but it is pretty certain that no matter what I do, even if I think I’m doing what’s requested of me, I will run the risk of drama. Apparently I did not avoid it simply by having boys.


  1. We also have 2 boys – 5&8. the five year old in particular used to be very dramatic. He was oversensitive and anytime someone hurt his feelings he would scream a blood curdling scream as if they were destroying the village. He still does it but not nearly as often.


    • Oh no! Well, I’m hoping, for both our sakes, that they grow out of that quickly. At least we know they won’t be going off to high school like that, right? With that thought, I think I’ll have another glass of wine. Cheers.


  2. Amy, this is hilarious. And I can say that, because I don’t have boys. Or girls. But I think that maintaining your sense of humor about it all (and God’s sense of humor) is awesome…


    • Thanks Amber. Humor is sometimes the best I can muster. 🙂 ‘Cause if you can’t laugh, what else is there?


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