Posted by: Modern Mom | May 30, 2012

A New Walking Path

There’s a nice little nature preserve/wetland area just outside of town. Apparently Modern Man has been taking the boys there for walks and not sharing this little gem of a trail with me. Recently he discovered this misstep and took me and the boys.

It was fabulous. We walked. OK, strolled. At toddler speed. For about a mile. Which, at toddler speed, with distractions, took just over an hour. The park was beautiful, though. The path was clean, groomed, and flat, which, if you knew me you’d know is just my speed for ‘hiking’. There were a few nice bridges over the wetlands and streams.

There was plenty of wildlife to be seen, I’m sure, except that Modern Boy never shut up the entire time we were there so I’m guessing all the animals made a speedy escape. “It’s a good thing I have this map! We won’t get lost as long as I have this map! See all these things on the map, Mommy? I can tell you where to go if we get lost!” I think the people that were there to try to photograph wildlife in the peaceful surroundings – those ornithology enthusiasts are a little scary – were not so thrilled with us.

Despite the constant noise of our small hiking party, we did see some turtles sunning themselves and a scant array of bird life. Oh, and a large assortment of irritated passers by, one of which actually mentioned having seen a deer before the noise arrived. Psh. Grump.


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