Posted by: Modern Mom | June 14, 2012

Quick Chili Pockets the Kids Will Love


I’m always looking for quick, easy options for the kids that they will like, and none of us will get bored with. (read: mac and cheese is getting old, mom.) So, digging through my fridge and cupboards today I found some inspiration. A can of chili (Hey, don’t knock it I said it was easy. Use homemade chili if you feel like being Martha Stewart. I don’t.) and a roll of Pilsbury Grands Biscuits. Again, not claiming to Martha Stewart or Giada DiLaurentis here.

Roll out the biscuits a bit, don’t over work the dough or you won’t get the fluffiness we expect from Pilsbury. Then, spoon a bit of the chili in the center. Fold the biscuit in half around the chili and press the edges to seal them. Top with cheese, or heck, put cheese inside too. You can never have enough cheese, I say.


Bake according to the biscuit directions, but add a couple of minutes so that everything inside gets warm and gooey. No issues if it’s not all the way hot inside, it’s already cooked!

The boys loved them, and I have to admit, so did I. Modern Boy even helped make them. A bonus in my book. Gettin’ him trained up to do this stuff on his own someday. Maybe when he’s 5.



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