Posted by: Modern Mom | August 7, 2012

Craft Room Revival

I scrapbook. Or at least I did once. It’s been quite some time since my craft room has been in working order. Most of the time, if the planets aligned, the muse hit me, and I actually had some spare time to spend scrapbooking, I would have to clear space, clean up, and find my desk. By the time I was done the muse was gone and so was my time and gumption.

Recently I put a new piece of furniture in my office/craft room. It has changed my life. My room is cleaned and organized. I can find things! And I’ve actually finished actual scrapbook layouts.

It’s not a spectacular room make-over you might see in a magazine but it’s a start. So, please consider the fact that it’s a real person’s space, with real things in it that have to be used in real life. Real. Not a magazine. Proceed.

The new 9-unit storage piece that I should have put in here years ago. And a new little kids craft area which has facilitated my ability to get both work and scrapbooking done. Hooray!

My scrap desk, showcasing an essential piece to my organization – The Scrap Rack. An amazing discovery I made years ago when they first hit the market, and I’ve never looked back. (watch out… plug coming) They are portable (essential for a scrapper on the go) and keep all my little stuff organized so I actually use it. Shameless plug number two: In the basket is my collection of “Layout Blueprints” books (of which I am the author) that I always keep close and use frequently, still.

Handmade art for the wall over my desk. Pre-stretched canvass covered in cute fabric.

Reclaimed jeweler’s cabinet, covered in fabric to match the artwork on the wall and now used to store papers instead of jewelry findings.

Most recent completed scrapbook layout. So, the new room revival is working!


  1. I LOVE the canvases with fabric on them!! Brilliant!!! That would be so much easier than what I’m trying to do for above my chair! hahaha 🙂 Love this so much! You should enter my Sweethaven challenge now that you have such a snazzy space!!! 🙂


    • Thanks Courtney! I’m all about easy. 🙂 I’ll have to check out your blog about the challenge. Thanks!


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