Posted by: Modern Mom | August 15, 2012

Fur Coats and Summer

There are many reasons I didn’t want a dog. I still say I was under duress when convinced to get a puppy. I had a laundry list of reasons not to have a dog but somehow the laundry list got lost when I saw puppy pictures. Anyway, I digress. This is one of the many reasons.

Shedding. It’s summer. It’s hot. Dogs have fur coats. Fur coats should not be worn in hot weather. Apparently nature has figured this out and causes him to shed that fur coat with great vigor. A good scratch causes my floor to be coated in hair. I could sweep ten times a day (I don’t, mind you. I said I could.) and it won’t do any good. That dang dog just walks through the room, dropping hair the entire time, then stops for a good scratch and leaves a huge pile.

I have no idea how this dog is not naked. Seriously. How does one very small dog lose so much hair without going bald? I may, in a moment of desperation, shave this dog and feel quite good about it.


  1. You can shave him, not bald of course, but enough to minimize the shedding, help him cool down, and keep you sane 🙂 . Why do you think I shaved and will be shaving Kami again tomorrow???? Just be glad you dont have a golden retriever, oooohhhh so much hair.


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