Posted by: Modern Mom | September 6, 2012

Conversations with Kids: About School

Modern Boy started PreK this week. It’s a very exciting time for us. Well, I could possibly be more excited than he is about it. In fact, I’m admittedly frustrated with the lack of detail boys give about these things. Why, after spending 3 hours outside of my presence, with kids, presumably learning really cool stuff, can he not tell me a single thing he did? I have to pry it out of him with probing questions.

Not that it gets any better with age. My husband is the same way. My sister-in-law and I talk about it all the time. Our husbands (they’re brothers) are the assumed ambassadors between our two families. They get together regularly. They spend entire weekends camping together. They come home and have absolutely no information about the other one or his family. It’s frustrating. But I digress…

These are some of the conversations I’ve had with my new school boy this week.

On his first day of school, after waking up;

Me: Good morning! Today is your first day of school! Are you excited?

Him: Aw geez. I don’t want to go to school. (Seriously? He hasn’t even gone yet and I’m getting this?)

Me: Really? I thought you’d be excited to go to school. You’ll learn new things. You’ll play and meet new friends. I bought all those school supplies you’ll get to use. (OK, so I’m still a little irked at all the stuff I had to buy. PlayDoh? Really?)

Him: *discernible groan* (What is he? fifteen?)

As I am fixing his hair I have a moment of brilliance and see my angle.

Me: You look so handsome. Those poor girls at school don’t stand a chance. (Indeed, I am not above baiting a hook. I know my son is a little four-year-old womanizer. I’ve accepted it. And I’m not worried about it. Let those poor girls’ mothers worry.)

Him: What girls? What do you mean? (Now I have his attention.)

Me: The girls in your class. You know there are going to be girls, don’t you? They’ll probably all fall in love with you the instant they see you. (Don’t judge me. I’m just trying to get this kid in the stinking car without a fight.)

Him: Can we go NOW?!?

Mission accomplished.

Then, after picking him up on the first day;

Me: Did you make any friends?

Him: No. Well… I made a new girlfriend.

Me: What’s your new girlfriend’s name?

Him: Um…. I don’t remember. She was the one with the trees on her dress. (This kid is going to have to find a way to keep all his girlfriends straight. The guy doesn’t even remember their names for crying out loud.)

later that day….

Him: Mom? Is it OK if I invite one of my new friends from school over to play?
Me: Of course you can.
Him: I already invited a new girlfriend over.
Me: Oh really? What’s her name? (can you hear the hope in my voice?)
Him: Mom. *totally disgusted that I don’t remember* I already told you in the car… I forgot. But she was the one with the trees on her dress.


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