Posted by: Modern Mom | October 2, 2012

The First of Many

My oldest son participated in his first school fundraiser today. It’s the first of many, I’m told by other parents who have gone before me. Great. I’m not a big fan of constant fundraisers. I’m all for a big, annual bash on a grand scale but the constant little things just bother me. Is that weird?

So I am pleased that my son’s private school only does two major fundraisers a year. Another tick in the “pro” column for private schools. No magazine sales. No candy bars or cookie dough. No greeting cards and gift wrap. Whew.

Remember when we were kids and had to do all those things? They’d actually send us out to knock on strangers’ doors and try to sell things to support our school/scouts/soccer/music program… whatever it was. What a crash course in sales! Come to think of it, that was my earliest sales training. And it wasn’t that good. We didn’t have many tools. A sponsor sheet or order form, our sales pitch that actually gave away our name and school name, and our adorable smiles. It’s a wonder more of us didn’t get abducted. Can you imagine doing that to our kids today? It’s a different world.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the Fund Run. This is the event we did today. Or he did. I don’t run. Ever. But he does. And he had a great time!

They ran laps around the playground and it was so cute. Some of the kids were incredibly competitive. There was one little girl who was gritting her teeth and running full throttle the whole time. She was determined not to let the boy behind her pass her. One boy got tired and gave up after about 3 laps and laid down on the grass. My son was the one with the huge grin on his face, waving enthusiastically at the cheering crowd as he sped past. He loves the attention. Wonder where he gets that?



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