Posted by: Modern Mom | October 24, 2012

My Monster Truck

This week Modern Man took my car on a business trip. That left me with his truck to cart kids around in. Now I’m not a big person like he is. I’m quite small in fact. So using this truck makes me feel like I’m even smaller. It’s a Toyota Tundra, so it’s not actually a massive truck, it just feels like it to me. Plus it has huge custom bumpers on it that make it look kind of mean.

This is probably how I actually look in it.

This is how I think I look in it.

And because I feel so huge in it I also drive like a grandma. That’s probably a good thing since I tend to have a little bit of a lead foot in my little Camry. It also keeps me from going too many places, because getting the kids in and out of it is a hassle for me. Modern Man can simply stand on the ground and unbuckle the kids. He’s large and more in scale with the truck. I, however, have to scale the side of the truck and precariously balance myself as I fasten and unfasten the kids from their car seats. People in parking lots probably find this act quite entertaining. “Hey, look at that pygmy trying to get her kids out of that giant truck!”

So the only thing I’ve done this week with the truck is to drop the boy off at school.

Can’t wait to get my car back so I can feel like a normal human again. And drive at least as fast as the speed limit.


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