Posted by: Modern Mom | October 30, 2012

Gimme The (Witch) Finger

It’s Halloween!!! I love Halloween. Any excuse to wear a costume and eat candy. And now that the boys are getting into it, it’s even more fun. Modern Boy’s teacher asked the parents to bring a little treat for the Halloween party in his classroom. My wheels immediately started turning. I had an idea to do these cute little Orange O’Lanterns using mandarin oranges and a Sharpie. No mess, no fuss. Perfect!

Then, I was hit with a moment of brilliance and thought of doing witches fingers. They turned out so creepy cute I can hardly stand myself. Here is my process;


I bought fondant because that’s just easier. I have two kids. I like things that save me steps. So shoot me. Wilton makes a ready to use white fondant that you can buy in the baking aisle of most stores. But then I had to color it a “witchy” color. That was actually pretty easy, too. I used Wilton food colorings. I’m a Wilton snob.

Then I rolled it pretty thin. A little less than 1/4 inch I’d say.

Then I took a Twizzler (I choose this type because it is more dense, not hollow) and rolled it up in the fondant, trimming the fondant to fit, and closing the ends off. This is where it gets good. Wait for it….

See it? I cut the long piece in two, revealing the red licorice inside. Eeew! Then used a knife to gently add knuckle wrinkles.

I used corn syrup to add a Red Hot as a finger nail and a mini M&M for a wart. Mwahahahaa! I actually started by using a half of a mini marshmallow for the finger nail, but that was kind of boring and I decided that witches probably paint their fingernails anyway. I think they turned out adorable, and I hope the kids in my son’s class love them as much as I do!

Happy Halloween!



  1. Amy – THAT IS AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog


  2. So great


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