Posted by: Modern Mom | November 21, 2012

It’s a Thanksgiving Post!

Yes, another one. I know everyone is posting things about Thanksgiving, and what they are thankful for. I’m struggling with it this year. Why? Not because I’m not thankful. No. Because I’m overwhelmed with the things I’m thankful for and don’t know where to start. I could fill an entire blog with things I’m thankful for and why. It would take me years.

I considered writing about where we were two years ago at this time. Struggling. And why I’m so thankful for a growing business that has pulled us out of that place. That Christmas this year is not pressing down on us like it was then, but rather more joyous. Then I considered the fact that this is the internet, and a very public place to be sharing those very private and personal things. Plus, I cried every time I got started.

I considered writing about some recent losses people around me have experienced. And how thankful it makes me for the people I still have in my life. Again I cried every time I started.

So I’m left with looking at things that don’t make me cry. If you know me, there’s not much regarding my family, my business, my friends, and the things I’m thankful for, that doesn’t make me cry. I cry at Hallmark commercials, for heaven’s sake.

Something I am really thankful for is seasons. Not the changing of the weather type seasons, but life’s seasons. Particularly with kids. I’m thankful that all of the stages we go through with my boys are just that, stages. They will change like the seasons.

That can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you see it. They grow up fast, it’s true. Thank goodness they grow out of some of the terrible seasons we’ve been through. Like the “dohnwanna” season. My oldest outgrew that already, and hopefully my youngest will outgrow it soon. Another I’m happy to see go was the colic season. Ouch. That was rough. I’ll be happy to see the diaper season go as well. Hopefully soon.

There are things I would like to hang on to forever and am sad to see go. The beautiful stage between 12 and 24 months that I’ve decided is my favorite so far. They are learning so much. They are mobile and starting to talk and communicate. No longer little lumps of baby to carry around on your hip. (Okay, I’m not much of a baby person.)

I am thankful for the memories of those adorable little things they say. My oldest used to say “mo mo nummies” when he wanted more of anything. My youngest up until fairly recently would say “nee no” in the cutest way when he meant “thank you”. A face we called “The Hardy face” that my youngest would make when he was really happy. How my oldest would line up his Matchbox cars and recite the make and model of each one when he was only 18 months.

I cherish the nights I spent trying to sleep propped up in bed with a baby sleeping on my chest. Four months with the first one, two with the second. As hard as that season was on me, I am so thankful for the closeness I had with my babies while they were so tiny. (Aw shoot. I’m tearing up again.)

So, with the upcoming festivities I am overwhelmingly thankful and grateful. For the big things as well as the little things. Mostly, I’m thankful to be watching my boys grow up while I’m home with them. I never imagined it would mean so much to me to be there for all of those little, and big, things. The seasons of their lives.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving!


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