Posted by: Modern Mom | December 19, 2012

Pinching Babies


My youngest son is two and a half. He has this cute way of saying how adorable he thinks something is. I don’t know where he got it, because I don’t think I’ve ever said it.

He says it about babies, puppies, kittens, or anything else he finds absolutely adorable. He simply tells me, “I wanna pinch ’em!”

I think we can all relate on some level. We’ve all been overwhelmed by cuteness and have that feeling that you just want to give a baby a squeeze or a kiss, or maybe even a pinch. Right? Now that I know my son’s intentions when he says this, I find it endearing. The obviously first-time-mother at Target with her newborn baby, however, was not impressed.

There we were, Munchkin and I, shopping in Target when a woman with her infant son rolled up the aisle. He was bundled up in blue and sleeping peacefully while she shopped. (remember those days? *sigh*) When my son spotted him, so precious and new, he reached out his hand and made a crab claw and exclaimed, “I want to pinch that baby!”

She actually gasped. I almost felt the need to explain. Almost. But she just quickly pushed her cart away. As if I would let my son pinch her sleeping infant. I couldn’t help but giggle. Some people take the things kids say way too seriously.

I may have been guilty of that back in the days before kids. Or even my first time around before my son was mobile. Which wasn’t long. That caused a whole different reaction from other first time mamas. That’s another blog entry.


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