Posted by: Modern Mom | March 2, 2013

Family Date Night

We had a couple of big milestones to celebrate recently. My oldest has been successfully sleeping through the night without nighttime diapers, and my youngest is now potty trained and not sleeping with a pacifier. This is definitely cause to celebrate.
Modern Man came up with a plan. We would pick him up at work and drive to his favorite pizza place that serves great pizza and has a huge game area for kids. I had never been there, so I had my concerns. Would the game be age appropriate for our boys? Would they be able to reach them? Would they have fun?
It turns out we are the best parents ever. Who knew? They had a blast. We bought $25 in tokens for them to play with. They played just about every game in the place that they could, that didn’t involve shooting people. (there was only one!) They won tickets for playing. 506 of them to be exact.
Then we sat and ate pizza and toasted the boys’ achievements. The pizza was delicious.
After dinner we let the boys trade in their tickets for prizes. The oldest wanted handcuffs and a candy. The youngest wanted pink sunglasses, a pink bouncy ball, and a candy. Everyone was happy. Score!
Then we headed home for the second part of our evening. We were going to have a family slumber party. (Meaning we’d let the boys stay up late watching a movie in the dark and attempt to let them sleep on the floor together.) On the way home the boys decided what movie to watch.
We watched Cinderella in the dark until way past their bedtime. Then I put them to bed on the floor of the oldest’s room.
Ten minutes later I put them to bed in their own beds. Whew.

Best. Parents. Ever.

Seriously, we had the best time. We are finally at a place where we can successfully do these kinds of things. Modern Man and I are already planning what to do next. It’s possible we are more excited than the kids.

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