Posted by: Modern Mom | March 12, 2013

How to get a Job

My oldest son and I have been talking about jobs lately. Mostly because of my mother getting a new job. She moved out to Oregon to be with us all about a year ago.  Last week she got a job at a great company and I was telling the kids about it. This is how the conversation went;

Me: I have great news. Nana got a new job!

Wy (4.5 years): Wow! That is so exciting. I’m so buh-pressed (translation: IMpressed) that an old lady like her could get a job!

Insert fits of laughter here. I had a hard time continuing the conversation.

There have been a lot of follow up conversations about jobs since. They weren’t as funny. Well, today as we rode in the car he asked me how to get a job. I explained that’s it’s a long and arduous process sometimes. It’s based on qualifications and schooling.

Daddy, I explained, had gone to several years of college after regular school to get what’s called a degree as an engineer. Then he had to get a job working as an engineer to gain experience. Then he got another job and another. (You get the drift) When he had acquired enough skills he was able to get the job he has now.

Wy: What kind of skills?

Me: Well, like designing machines, building machines, fixing machines….

Wy: And making paper airplanes! Daddy has skills making paper airplanes. I bet that’s how he got his job.

Me: Yep. I’m sure that’s what did it.

He has decided he’s going to make pizza to gain some skills. I told him that might be a good place to start. I also told him not to rush it. He’ll have plenty of time to work when he’s older. All in good time.


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