Posted by: Modern Mom | April 30, 2013

The Park Predicament

I’m the horrible mom who doesn’t like to take her kids to the park. That’s right. I said it.

Here’s my problem. Municipalities spend many thousands of dollars on these amazing play structures with cool slides and climbing things that I would have given a childhood worth of Halloween candy for as a kid. So I bring my kids to visit these magnificent structures so that they can play and expand their minds and expend some energy. This is my goal in everything I do with my kids; expend their energy.

What really happens is that these municipalities, in their poor judgement, have installed swings. I hate swings. I used to love them. Now, when we come to these beautiful parks with these huge play structures there are always swings. My boys might go down a slide or two but then all they want to do is sit on a swing a be pushed. Thus, they sit and I expend my energy. This is not the plan.

“Push me higher!” they say. “Run under me!” they say. All I want to do is sit in the sunshine and watch my kids run like idiots until they practically pass out. That is my sole goal and intention, and my ultimate fantasy when it comes to park-going.

Yesterday my 4-year-old literally begged me to take them to the park. It was a glorious day. I was in a good mood. I took them to a park. What did they do? Nothing. My oldest sat on the grass under a tree. We have grass and trees at home, I said. Go play, I said. Nothing. My youngest wanted to be pushed in the swing. I’d want to be pushed in a swing, too, if all I had to do was sit there and enjoy the ride. This was not the plan.

Soon there will be a play structure in our yard. I’m thinking about leaving the swings off entirely. “Oops. I guess the swings weren’t in the box. Darn.”

Someday I’ll put the swings on. When they can learn to pump on their own.

Am I the only one in this camp? Tell me there are other moms who choose the parks without the swings. Are there such magical places? Do tell.



  1. Ha ha…I hear ya! Those swings wear me out, too! Finally, they give up and start climbing up the slides (instead of down)!


  2. Ha! Ha! I tend to agree somewhat. At least your 5-year old will be able to swing himself soon and perhaps even understand how to push his brother w/o getting knocked out. 🙂


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