Posted by: Modern Mom | May 5, 2013

Our Play Structure Project

This year we decided to get a play structure for the kids. I found a really cool one. The kind of thing I would have traded my Halloween Candy for my entire childhood. So I convinced Modern Man that we needed to buy the kit so he could build it. It took some convincing, but I’m persuasive.

I had no idea how much work would be involved in this thing.  First, Modern Man had to cut down a tree to make space in the area we wanted to put the structure. He didn’t need much convincing to do that. Every guy likes to use power tools. Every guy likes to cut down trees. Am I right?

Then there was a stump to contend with. So, again with the power equipment. He got a stump grinder. He let Modern Boy run it. It was cool.

Then he brought in the heavy artillery. The ground had to be leveled. It required a tractor. (insert manly grunt here.) Dirt was moved and removed. Now we had a big mud pit. The boys were thrilled. We probably could have left it at that, but I might have gotten tired of the constant mud tracked into my house. Might have.


Then the building began. It took 2-3 men about 2 full days. With supervision from the Junior Foremen, of course. And many choice words from the construction crew. I even helped a little. It has a 2-story play house with balcony, steering wheel, telescope, rock climbing wall, slide, chalkboard, picnic table with tic-tac-toe, hanging rings, and yes… even swings.

It took 5 weeks in total to complete the whole project. A timeline I hadn’t really anticipated. But I also didn’t anticipate the enormity of the scope of work. It is now complete and being enjoyed. Modern Man rocks. And so do Grandpa and Scott. That’s all I have to say.






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