Posted by: Modern Mom | February 5, 2014

Getting Old?


I just celebrated a birthday, so maybe I’m feeling my age a bit, but this conversation with my three-year-old didn’t help.

I was kneeling on the floor looking at our fish tank, noticing that it’s about time to clean the darn thing, when my three-year-old sweet boy comes up and gives me a very tender hug. “Wow,” I say, “what a nice hug.” He sighs. Then it goes drastically wrong;

Him: Yeah, I’m sad.

Me: You’re sad? Why? (“Oh no,” I think. “My poor boy. What could possibly make him so sad?”)

Him: Because you’re getting so old.

*cough, sputter…. excuse me?!? Old?!? Who are you calling old, you whipper-snapper?*

Me: What?!? I’m not old. (obviously I’m still in denial. I plan to be there for a long long time.)

Him: Yes you are. We’ve had you around for a really long time, and now you’re really old.

I could hardly contain myself. The insult. The hilarity. He actually thinks that my age *ahem* 29 (ish) is old. Remember the days when you thought 30 was old? Ancient, in fact? You couldn’t imagine life beyond your parents’ age? Yeah. I remember. So I’m not that old. Because I can still remember. So there.

What was I saying?


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