Posted by: Modern Mom | February 11, 2014

Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

lobsterI have young kids, so naturally I always feel the pressure to put all the focus on them. Pinterest and the blogosphere are my worst enemies, not to mention all the other perfect moms who read those things. All these glorified ideas of the brilliant things other adoring moms have cooked up to spoil their children and lavish them with love and affection on Valentine’s Day and make the rest of us normal moms look bad. I admit, occasionally I have a pinterest-worthy moment. Occasionally.

The trend to focus all of our attention on our children on Valentine’s Day as well, has me baffled. I have always seen the holiday as a day reserved for lovers. I try to remind my children every day that I love them. I don’t always say that to my husband, however. And isn’t it vital as a couple that we devote time to each other to show that we love each other? I think so. Marriage saving, in fact. When we start focusing all our time, energy, attention, and love on our children alone, we are missing a major part of the puzzle.

Know what my kids got for Valentine’s Day last year? Nothing. No really, nothing. They got a hug and kiss and an, “I love you.” I may have made them a special request for breakfast. But I didn’t do pink, heart-shaped pancakes with red sprinkles and whip cream hearts or anything like that. Why? Mostly because I forgot. Really. I was so focused on what my hubby and I were doing that I literally forgot to do something equally as special for my kids. I know, bad mommy.

You know what? They lived. And they know they are loved. Every day.

I think we parents should reclaim our Valentine’s Day! It’s simply a reminder of why we made these little people in the first place. Take us back to many moons ago when we first fell in love and were all mushy gushy and gross. It’s important to reconnect on a regular basis. Preferably more than once a year, but I’ll take what I can get.

So, the reason I was so caught up in my own V-day plans last year was because I know exactly what to expect, and I love it. Look forward to it for months, even. It’s nothing astronomical. It’s simply a home cooked meal and some time devoted to each other. It started years ago, before kids.

The first Valentine’s Day my man and I spent together, we tried to do the swanky restaurant in the big city. It was an epic fail. Terrible traffic. Horrendous parking. Crowded, noisy restaurants with bad service because they were completely slammed. We drove home in stunned silence and vowed never to do it again. And we didn’t.

The next year, and every year since, we have spent at home. My man cooks a fantastic steak and lobster dinner, with my favorite veggies as sides. We open a really good bottle of wine, or two. Then, we put on Frank Sinatra and dance. It’s terribly romantic for two people who are generally not romantics. It’s a tradition I have come to cherish and look forward to every year. We even chose a Frank Sinatra song as our wedding song. (all together now…. *awww*)

What will you do this year to reclaim the romance?

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