Posted by: Modern Mom | March 3, 2014

On The Workbench

The kids’ birthdays are coming up. My oldest will be six and the youngest will be four. Milestones like that make me think about how far behind I am on my scrapbooks. So I’ve been pushing really hard to get baby albums finished up. Yesterday I completed the last layout in the first album of my youngest boy’s baby album. (They each have two albums. One for the first six months, one for the second six months. Because, let’s face it, mamas with digital cameras take a lot of pictures.)

I was beyond thrilled. I mean, this represents the last 3 years of my scrapbooking life. Three years of painstaking work. My husband, however, did not give me the reaction I was looking for when I rushed out to the shop, book in hand, to interrupt his obviously-not-as-important-as-mine job that he was working on. Something about a car.

Anyway… here are a couple of pages I completed this week to help catch me up a tad more. Same papers, two different birthday layouts.



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