Posted by: Modern Mom | May 12, 2014

Girls Day Out


For Mother’s Day all I wanted was to go away. Does that make me a terrible mom? I don’t think so. Time away from my munchkins is vital to my being able to be a sane parent. Or at least semi-sane. So my husband, bless his heart, gave me just that.

We started our day with brunch as a family. Me, hubby, my folks, my brother and his girlfriend, and the kids. Then us girls took off and left the guys alone with the kids in a trail of dust with shouts of, “Good luck!” as we sped away. The plan was to head up the Columbia River Gorge for the day, pick up a wine shipment at one of our favorite wineries, and just be free for a day.

We stopped first at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA, where I got married eight years ago, to reminisce and to have a drink and enjoy the views. Then it was on up the Gorge to pick up a wine shipment and do some tasting at Syncline winery. They make truly beautiful wines. Very complex in flavor and heavenly. I think we walked away with 2 cases of wine from there. Yowza. Did I mention how tasty their wines are?

From there we visited another winery, Domaine Pouillon. Another standard stop for us with more tasty wines. Although I think we only left there with three bottles.

On the way back home we crossed the Bridge of the Gods into Cascade Locks in hopes of getting some soft serve ice cream. We bailed on the plan when we saw that the only ice cream joint in the tiny town had a line out both doors and down the block that didn’t seem to be moving at all. No soft serve is worth that kind of wait.

Our last point of interest was a favorite Gorge tour stop, the mysterious Rock House. Nobody knows anything about this house as there is no public record about it. It is hidden right off the highway and you have to know exactly what to do to find it. We enjoy the stop because of the beautiful setting and the allure and mystery of this ramshackle little house. Was it a fire that destroyed it? Time? People? Nobody knows. But it’s sure fun to guess.

IMG_0739 IMG_0736 IMG_0737

We came home to more wine and a beautiful dinner prepared by my hubby. Steak and lobster. Mm mm mm! And to think I was just bragging on his grilled lobster during the day, without knowing that was his plan for dinner. Must have read my mind.

A truly wonderful day spent with my mom and my friend. Thanks, guys, for letting us run away for the day!



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, complete with wine, wine, and more wine! How blessed you are to have a hubby not only take care of the kids for the day, but also to have dinner cooked when you got home. WOW! Now THAT’S a great Mother’s Day! Too bad it only happens once a year! Might want to work on that one… Ha ha!


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