Posted by: Modern Mom | March 6, 2015

Riding in Cars With Boys

Some of the cutest conversations my boys have happen in the back seat of our car. Here is one from a while back.

Boy2: I want macky cheese for lunch!
Boy1: No, we should have peanut butter sandwiches.
Boy2: No! Macky cheese!
Boy1: Listen, I really need to have a peanut butter sandwich.
Boy2: Why?
Boy1: I need the crusts so I can work on my whistle. (You should know that my mother, who he thinks hung the moon, told him that eating his crusts will help him whistle.) Can we please have peanut butter sandwiches?
Boy2: Okay. Maybe I can whistle too!

I love the rationale. Thanks, Mom for the help getting them to eat their crusts.

Another good one:

Boy1: I’m about to blow your mind.

Boy2: What?

Boy1: Did you know that when you get big you can sleep all night in just your underpants?! No jammies or anything!

Boy2: No. Way.

Boy1: Yes. Way. Did I blow your mind?

Boy2: Yep.

I didn’t interject and tell them that some people sleep with even less than that. Did I just blow your mind?

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