Posted by: Modern Mom | March 17, 2015

Falling off the Planet


Some folks have asked me where I disappeared to for oh…. seven months of last year. Let me explain.

Our year started out great. Baseball season, springtime, birthday parties, life in general was good. Until it wasn’t. Our year kind of took a bad turn in early June. Not to say our year was ruined, but more that life threw a bunch of garbage at us and I found myself with a HazMat suit and a shovel just trying to keep our heads above it all.

So, in trying not to be a Debbie Downer, I stepped away from the blog for a while to… well… keep shoveling.

Here’s a brief timeline summary of what those missing seven months looked like;

June –

  • Hubby went in for emergency appendectomy the day before my oldest son’s 6th birthday. Didn’t rupture, surgery went well. Phew!
  • My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shit.
  • Took a trip to California to visit my sister and her family. A much needed reprieve from medical ickyness.

July –

  • Mom gets surgery. All goes very well. Recovery time begins.
  • Camping, boating.
  • Battle with City Hall begins. <–This one is a VERY long story, that I will not bother with here
  • Bills from Hubby’s surgery arrive. YIKES! This was NOT the year to switch insurance plans to the “oh, nothing ever happens to us” plan.

August –

  • More schmoozing, begging, pleading, fighting with City Hall. *sigh*
  • Family reunions. Yay!

September –

  • Kids BOTH go to school for the first time! I. Am. Ecstatic.
  • Still fighting City Hall.
  • Mom starts radiation.

October –

  • I fall down the stairs and tear up my ankle and have to wear a boot for 2 months. Really not the year to have changed insurance. *facepalm*
  • We realize that the saying “You can’t fight City Hall” is actually true.
  • Mom kicks cancer’s ass! WAHOO!

November –

  • Hubby went hunting. No luck.
  • Something about a turkey. I don’t know at this point.

December –

  • I recovered enough from the ankle injury to go in for surgery. (whee) I am to remain in bed, completely off my feet, for a minimum of 6 weeks. Not to put any weight on my foot for at least 10. Ugh.
  • Hubby decided to go for broke and get hand surgery. Apparently we were on the buy two, get one free program. Fantastic.
  • Fat guy in a red suit came down a chimney? I don’t know. I’m completely drugged out of my gourd at this point.
  • New Year’s Eve, I go to bed early and give the big finger to 2014 and toast to 2015 being a better year. (and having switched back to the “good” insurance.)

So, those were some of the major players that took me away from the computer and the joy of writing. But, I’m back now, so be prepared for more goofy boy-related blog posts. Lucky you! 😉

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