Posted by: Modern Mom | July 20, 2015

The Great Room Race


Good morning, room cleaning fans! It’s a beautiful day for match today. And what a match it is! It’s the battle between brothers for room supremacy. It’s an old rivalry, folks, so today’s match promises to be good.

We have Big Brother. He may seem to have a clear advantage here. His room is somewhat cleaner and he’s got two extra years of experience over Little Brother. But don’t be fooled, folks. He has the larger room and his little brother is fast.

Little Brother has speed on his side. He’s lower to the ground and has the smaller room. The teams are battling for the coveted prize of a sweet treat as well as the opportunity for all racers who finish to go to the coveted Cottonwood Beach. This could get interesting.

Looks like the racers are ready to begin. Ready…. Set… Go!

Big Brother is off to a significant lead. He’s moving fast. Looks like he’s got a strategy. He seems to be picking up only Legos right now. Yes… yes, he’s focusing on just one thing at a time! Great strategy.

Uh oh. I hear whining from the opposition. Let’s go check in on the Little Brother team.

Oh dear, yes, we have confirmation that it IS whining. There will be a stiff penalty for that. What a shame. It also appears that the Little Bro team is still sitting in the starting gate. We’re not quite sure what the strategy is there, folks, but it’s not a good start for the Little Bro team.

Let’s check back in with the Big Bro team. Looks like the pace is still fast and furious in this camp, folks. The Legos are picked up and he’s now working on Matchbox cars! He’s got a strategy here. He’s picking up multiple cars in each hand and tossing them at the bucket. Ooops! He overshot. This could cost him some time.

No! He’s recovered! He’s really on the ball today.

Back on the Little Bro side it appears that the team is still stalled out in a pout. We’re hearing from the ground crew that the Little Bro team no longer wants to participate in the race. Could this be a withdrawal? That would be a bummer for the spectators today. Uh oh. It looks like Mom has stepped in. What’s she doing? Oh no! She’s calling a baby sitter! Does this mean there will be no beach for Little Bro today? Looks like there’s some discussion taking place. An ultimatum perhaps? We’ll find out soon.

Checking back in on the Big Bro side. Wow! We’re actually able to see the floor in some areas of this room! There has been some real progress made here. While we were gone he picked up laundry, which has all made it to the laundry basket. And track pieces and action figures have all been put away. Amazing! Will Little Bro stand a chance? Let’s find out.

Oh! It looks like the scare tactic worked! Little Bro has finally started cleaning up! Look out Big Bro, he’s picking up laundry. Starting with the big stuff, a very good plan. Looks like he’s already on to books! Wow. A late start, but clearly he’s not affected. A strong strategy could put him back in the game.

Back in the Big Bro room now. Oh man! He’s going for bonus points! He has crawled under the bed and is clearing everything out. This will cost him some time. Will the points be worth it?

Little Bro has made some significant progress. This match is getting really interesting, folks. Even with the late start Little Bro has caught up to Big Bro. He’s picking up monster trucks now. He’s working at a furious pace. This is getting really exciting.

Wait! A flag has been thrown. Uh oh. It’s a penalty to Big Bro for throwing toys into Little Bro’s room. That’ll cost him. Oh, but he’s recovered nicely. He picked up the offending toy and put it away where it belongs. Nicely done. What’s that? Oh, a “thank you” from Little Bro. That’s nice to hear. We love good sportsmanship, especially from these close rivals.

The race is about over now. The judge is making the final pass to clear the racers. It’s a close finish, folks. It appears… Could it be? Yes it is! A tie! It’s a tie! Unbelievable. Well, we couldn’t have asked for a better result, match fans. BOTH competitors will be going to Cottonwood Beach today!

It appears the competitors are happy as well. High fives and hugs all around. It’s so great to see such a great match from two such solid competitors. It was touch and go there at the start, but everyone finished strong. Well done, teams!

I actually narrated my boys cleaning their rooms exactly like this today. It was so much more fun for me, and I think it was fun for them, too. After the initial whining, that is.

Hey, I’ve got to keep things interesting. For my own sanity.




  1. Love it! i did something like this once – gave each boy a bathroom to clean and then brought in an independent judge. The judge,also known as Dad, took his duties hilariously serious. As i recall, there was a DQ visit for all as the prize.


    • That’s awesome. I was surprised at how well this worked with my oldest. He perked right up and was really into it. The youngest, not so much. But it eventually worked. I just wonder if it will ever work again.


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