About Modern Mom

There are so many things that have helped define who I am, or who I’ve become. My life has been filled with passions and loves as well as successes and failures. Probably like any other. A brief listing of my passions and loves through the years include music, singing, bellydancing, scrapbooking, crafts, photography, opera, theater, food, cooking, horses, gardening, my church, drawing, painting, and travel. Some of my successes include being a published author of 3 scrapbooking related books, achieving a top title at my last Corporate America company before having kids, building a successful business of my own after being laid off in a bad economy, and moving 3 states away from any family or friends at the raw age of 21 to start a life of my own. My failures are too many to list, and hardly worth noting. In my daily life I balance being a mom and wife, homemaker and hobbyist, PTA board member and church member, among others. Not one of these things defines me on its own, but all of them together have come to shape who I am as a person and the decisions I make today.

You may say to yourself, “Why isn’t being a mom listed as one of her successes?” There’s a long and a short answer to that. The short is that I’ve never seen procreation as an “accomplishment” simply because anyone can do that. The real accomplishment is in nurturing that soul to become the best human it can be, giving him the tools to be strong and independent and guide our race to a better tomorrow. Lofty goals? Of course. But I also believe that by teaching and nurturing that little person to become the best human he can be, he will in turn better humanity just in being a good person. Plain and simple. So, my goal is not yet accomplished but rather is a work in progress.

And any mom knows that the work is never done. So, among other less important things, that is one of my main focuses and drives in life and the thing that moves me forward daily, regardless of how I feel. Because any mom also knows that there are no sick days, no vacation time, and no coffee breaks when you’re raising two young boys.

This blog is intended to be a weekly glimpse into the daily life and insanity that is modern mommyhood. My life as a mom, a professional, a wife, a world traveler, crazed hobbyist, and all around super hero.

From Home, with Love.



  1. Love it, Amy. Well written. ;o) xoxox


  2. Ditto!!! Yes I love this and love you. Keep it up.

    Mom/Grandma Janet


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